Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

Red-braised pork in brown sauce is a common Chinese recipe. If you are interested in Chinese red-braised pork, then this article is for you. It teaches you how to cook with braised pork and eggs. The dark color of the food will make you feel hungry. Now let’s try to cook the “red-braised pork with egg” with me.

Preparation before cooking

Cut pork belly into about 3 cm square chunks and soak them in clean water for half an hour.

Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

Poke a small hole in the egg so that the salt into the egg easily when cooking. Of course, if you find pokeing a hole difficult, you can skip this step. After the water comes to a boil, sprinkle with a little salt, add the egg and cook for about 7 minutes, peel the shell, scratch a few on the egg, convenient for subsequent stews.

Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

Main steps start

Heat the pan and add a small amount of vegetable oil, then add the ginger, star anise and cinnamon, reduce the heat and stir fry. Add the pork when you smell the aroma, increase the fire and stir fry until the pork skin is browned. Add cooking wine and bring to a boil, then successively add soy sauce, rock sugar and boiling water. When they come to a boil, turn the heat down and cover and simmer for about an hour.

Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

Add the egg, reduce the sauce over high heat, and turn the egg over to color.

Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

When the sauce is almost dry, turn off the fire. The delicious “Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs” has been finished. It looks like you’ll lose control of your drool.

Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs

'Red-Braised Pork Cooking with Eggs' Recipe

Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 70 mins
Yields: 2 servings


  • 750 g - Pork belly
  • 6 - Eggs
  • About 70 ml - Soy sauce
  • Some - Boiling water
  • 30 ml - Cooking wine
  • 80 g - Rock sugar
  • 80 g - Rock sugar
  • Two - Star anise
  • One - Cinnamon
  • About 5 pices - Ginger

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